Do you know whether or not additional hardware is involved? During an eviction run, the connection pool is tested for idle connections. In the Description property, enter a description for the datasource. INI contains specifications such as database name and database node name for a data source. For compatibility reasons, the old notation for the coding of serverdb and servernode names can be used on Unix platforms. The description is only included for completeness reasons.

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In the Column Names Query property, enter the select statement used to select the column information for a table. ODBC access to Adabas.

Configuring the Adabas ODBC Driver

When set to true, when a connection is borrowed from the connection pool, it is tested to make sure it is a valid connection. The first part designates the data source name; it is enclosed in square [ ] brackets.

For bit applications, this file is located in the Windows system directory. INI contains driver-specific data. For example, a key Adabas D is stored for Adabas.

Adabas/D Datasources

To edit an existing datasource, expand the Datasource Information section of the Explorer Tree and left-click on the desired datasource. Last update was at Wed Nov 16, 9: More entries containing the x name and setup DLL are stored in this section. Then left-click on the Datasource option. When set to false, it will not be tested.


This message was edited 1 time. The TraceFilename option enables the trace file, where the execution time, start and xdabas of a session, the connect parameters, and the input and output parameters of the SQL statement are recorded. See the Format Masks section for choices. Right-click on the Datasource Information object and left-click on the New option in the pop-up menu.

Adabas/D Datasources

INI file or adabad the registry database. This is used to populate the selection list for simple query blocks for this datasource. This is the maximum number of connections that can be removed from the connection pool each time the eviction run occurs.

Left-click on the New option. When set to true, this property may have some impact on performance, but it verifies that the database connections are always valid. Separate column names by commas. For example, if this property were set to yyyv-MM-dd HH: Usually, it is not necessary to modify the data manually on Windows s.

In the Read Only property, select true or false.

Configuring the Adabas ODBC Driver

All data source names known to the system are specified a second time in an additional section called [ODBC Datasources]. In the Isolation Level x, select the isolation level for the datasource.


In the Passthrough Columns property, enter the names of columns to be excluded from selection in tables when the column names query is executed during block creation, but which will be passed through during transactions. For example, if this property were set to yyyy-MM-dd then May 20th, would be stored as Review our privacy policy.

In the Outgoing Time Function property, enter the database specific code to format a time to pass it back to the datasource. SQL statements issued by the application can be trace file.

Asabas the bit ODBC driver variant, the registry database is maintained. In the User property, enter the user id used to log into the database for this datasource. Your Choice Regarding Cookies on this Site This website uses special cookies to improve your experience and save your time.

An additional key with the same name is created for each data source. Zdabas bit applications under Windows, a corresponding entry is made to the registry database instead of using the file.

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