If you are looking for an easy way to increase the speed, sensor support, and channel count of your test and measurement system then you may want consider adding NI CompactDAQ hardware to your setup. But if you are able to use the text commands you should be able to follow one of the examples that Agilent has provided in my links above. I would like to here your recommendation about this subject. Have you looked at the schematics of the switches? The connections of the go to the internal DMM.

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Expecting the reply soon Figure 1 shows the graphical user interface of one of the A example programs, used to control the A matrix switch module. Please read the manual. We have used three voltage measurement configurations proposed by agklent at http: Setting up the hardware to achieve these high rates, resolutions, and channel counts has never been easier or quicker. Just to make you feel better the first time I used the A I was confused and still don’t understand all the wonderful features it’s capable of.

It displays the acquired data on a front panel indicator not pictured. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

In Figure 3, we show the block diagram of a sample application created with these VIs. Rate this document Select a Rating 1 – Poor 2 3 4 5 – Excellent. How to configure Channel or switch in Agilent data logger A?

Using the Agilent A with LabVIEW – National Instruments

Since peak detection is one of the analysis functions available in LabVIEW, we can easily add that functionality to our 3490a. The block diagram in Figure 4 extends the functionality of our previously created code to discover the peaks of the dataset and then log those values to a tab-delimited text file compatible with Excel. I am dealing with Agilent Data logger in order abilent supply voltage to my device and for switching purpose.


Learn more about our privacy policy. Most Active Software Boards: And as Dennis told to move 12v to higher channel instead of channel 6,but the thing is all the channels are assigned to different function and only channel 6 is free so. For resources that outline the fundamentals of this industry-standard development environment, please refer to the links at the end of this section.

Each palette represents a distinct category of instrument driver functions for programming the A. And how to configure Switch which I am using means is there any setting I have to do before using any channel or gplb in data logger or can I assign it directly.?? Though all of these examples are intended to serve as a starting point for the creation of a custom application, they may be used without modification to immediately control the Agilent A.

I am very confuse about that. The NI CompactDAQ platform is an excellent hardware option to consider when adding to or creating a user-defined, Agiletn data logging or bench top automated test system.

Go back to your first schematic and start simple and build on what you know agilsnt to complete the larger picture. Hello, I am dealing with Agilent Data logger in order to supply voltage to my device and for switching purpose.


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How to start acquiring data simultaneously. Download the ni device driver from aglient Adownload the programmers reference here. Instrument drivers simplify control and reduce test program development time by eliminating the need to learn the unique programming and communication protocol for the instrument.

With these, you can quickly and easily take your application far beyond merely programming the instrument to create a completely user-defined solution. LabVIEW is an industry-standard graphical programming environment that can be used to quickly and easily acquire, analyze, and present data from the A. Message 4 of This should all be clear by looking at the schematics of the You are also on your own with modbus since I’m not familiar with it.

How do I Troubleshoot GPIB Communications with the 34970A using Keysight GPIB Interface Cards?

This document introduces the instrument driver and also discusses an alternative hardware option to the A that can add speed and sensor compatibility to your PC-based measurement system, depending on your application. Each routine that composes the driver corresponds to a programmatic operation such as configuring, reading from, writing to, or triggering the instrument.

Any custom LabVIEW application you create will be composed of a front panel, which is the graphical user interface, and a block diagram, gpbi is the flow chart-style code created 43970a these functional blocks VIs.

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