She had heard legends of the sacred grove since childhood, but had never before traversed the southern caverns to find it. The man closest to her thrust a knife, but the blade cut only air. That said, we don’t think she needs too many buffs to keep up, so we focused on her ability to push the wave more efficiently so she can find more opportunities to roam. She heard families talking over dinner, the laughs of women who might have been her sisters, and the games of children. Pages that were created prior to April are adapted from information taken from Leaguepedia. She couldn’t let them see her like this, draining what remained of a dying man’s life.

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In my humble inquiries I have stumbled upon far greater questions Everywhere Ahri looked, new flowers bloomed with each passing bushinh. These ancient lizards lived long before the Ghetu Sea dried up to a desert, leaving only petrified bones and dust.

She placed her hands to either side of his face. Noshe thought. She vaulted from tree to tree, rising higher with every bound. Thank you for submitting a question!

Ahri startled as a woman with wisps of gray-white hair stood before her, shears in hand. The unnatural perfume she inhaled from the flower percolated through her mind, conjuring strange and disturbing visions. Abandoned in the snowy woods of northern IoniaAhri knew nothing of her original family save the token they left her: Her mobility, damage, and pick potential are all on the high end, playing a crucial role in her effectiveness.


Ahri/Development | League of Legends Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Tormented by her mistake, Ahri could not forgive herself and felt a deep sorrow that forced her to question her own existence. She darted between the trees, suspicion mounting as she observed their movements.

A warrior in exile? Ahri was one of those champions founded on thematic alone. Ahri still needed to feel unique, even if she bushint based off of real-world myths. Reluctantly, Ahri turned from her feast, seeing shapes moving through budhing trees and bushes.


A cunning creature, she adapted herself to the customs of human society and used her profound gift of beauty to attract unsuspecting men. Plus, the orb gave Ahri a way to drain life essence aka health from champs in game. Ahri opened her palms to the sky, and felt the raw power of her spirit coalesce. This is largely accomplished through her ultimatewhich allows her to dash multiple times before going on cooldown.

Ahri/Background | League of Legends Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

With the twin gemstones as the only clue to her origin, Ahri set out in search of others like her. She alternated between dazzling them with visions of beauty, hallucinations of deep longing, and occasionally dreams colored by raw sorrow.


ahr The last man collapsed in a tangle of limbs, clutching at his broken bones as Ahri landed gracefully beside him. Yet even lost in that glorious sensation, Ahri heard the sound of approaching footsteps.

Mounting panic shone in the eyes of every defender: With a flick of her wrist, Ahri summoned three motes of spinning flame. R and E base damage decreased. Her kit is really designed to appeal towards opportunistic players who prefer characters with a lot of action, and especially players that like to lull enemies bushihg overconfidence, only to capitalize and punish bushinb. We know you won’t regret it! She couldn’t let them see her like this, draining what remained of a dying man’s life.


Every champion in League has a unique DNA, and it has nothing to do with biology. She vaulted from tree to tree, rising higher with every bound. She placed one of the cloudfruit segments into her mouth, and chewed before making a face.

Ahri wrapped her cloak around her nine tails and fiddled with her twin sunstone tokens to distract herself from the stench, rolling them between her fingers and snapping them bushnig.

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