You can add the extra points to the essay question. Do not move the Scanner settings. Please keep the calibration sheet in a convenient and memorable location for easy retrieval as needed. To tell if the machine really needs recalibration: Paper Jams Troubleshooting… Gently wipe the silver nozzle plate of the cartridge with a lint free paper towel. The question forms are double-sided, with questions on both sides. This can be useful when processing surveys, evaluations or ballots with standard test answer sheets or customized scan forms.

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If you desire a response, please provide your apperdon address optional:. Be challenged and transformed by professors who are experts in their fields and invest their lives at Datalinj to mentor and guide students like you. Always calibrate the scanner after cleaning refer to page You can’t move the last name to display before the first name.

Essay and Extra Credit: Save the file and export the corrected results to Excel or Micrograde.

Firmly press in Fig. Replace the print xatalink and the print cartridge cover. To sort the database by first name, click the “First Name” column. What if you want to throw out a bad question after everything has been scored? Scoring Scoring Tests… Scoring When the key has been marked with the correct answers, insert it through the scanner. Check out the Support section of to see live apperson.

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AppScan: FAQ – Help Pages – Information Technology – Cedarville University

The Item Analysis Form can be inserted at any time during or after batch processing without interruption of the tabulation process. The DataLink license allows Cedarville University to install the DataLink software on any computer in a building that has an Apperson Advantage machine. Data Collection Operation… The following data collection options can be enabled by making the appropriate selection on the keyline of the first sheet scanned.

You may assign a different weight value to individual questions e.

Apperson is actively working on this issue and hopes to have a resolution in a future software update. Use canned air apperrson to clear any dust particles on the read Fig. The page contains one or more broken links.

DataLink Test Answer Sheets

This can be useful when processing surveys, evaluations or ballots with standard test answer sheets or customized scan forms. It is helpful, but I need more information.

If you are experiencing inconsistent scoring or a blocked paper path, take the following steps to correct the problem. Can you run one test of questions with a key, one test with 50 questions plus a key, and then combine for one test grade of paperson including analyses? Mark the Rescore [R] bubble in the keyline to rescore a previously scored test. Calibration Sheet Check out the Support section of appereon.


The DataLink uses reflective read technology for superior pencil mark recognition.

What is your opinion about the content? After marking the keyline, fill in the correct answer pattern for each question on the test. If you are unsure how to update the DataLink software, please submit an online service request, and a technician will come by to assist you. What datalunk you have already scored all your exams and produced reports, but you want to include a student’s score who still needs to take the exam?

Squeeze the print cartridge cover Table of Contents Add to my manuals Apprson.

Preparing the Key To designate an answer sheet as a key, mark the Key bubble [K] in the keyline as shown below. Click on embedded links indicated by a bright blue box to navigate to other parts of the manual referred to in that section.

With AppScan, you run the front of the key then the back of the key immediately afterwards.

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