Unfortunately the makes of HL2 Valve have had a very nasty experience with a hacker, Half-life 2 leaked and it’s extremely quiet at Valve. Cards used for comparison:. Look for more information in our September’s 3Digest. Beyond that, the R has all the familiar R features, including support for floating-point pixel formats, programmable shaders, and F-buffer logic that enables longer shader programs without conventional multipass rendering. The chip is still fabbed by TMSC using 0. That is why the R XT easily wins. It’s an interesting approach but set a little too safe in my opinion.

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With the tweaks, the Radeon XT has reached new highs: This exotic aims to be the fastest graphics card on the market, and it replaces ATI’s similarly pricey Radeon Pro MB, offering more performance than its predecessor.

ATI Radeon 9800 XT

Both have their strong and weak points, but in general they compensate each other. With the new cooler, new PCB layout, and tweaked silicon, ATI says the XT is more overclockable than its forerunner, although we haven’t had the 99800xt long enough to test that theory just yet. Afi these simple, theoretical measures, it’s a tight race. Steam names the best-selling games of The first is more likely.


The Second Encounter v. These two products now crown their 9800tx niches: It runs a lower speeds during normal use, and kicks up to a faster speed when the R chip gets a workout. Does such announcement make sense? The feature has been labeled ‘Overdrive’ and was introduced in the Catalyst 3. Angel of Darkness v. Trust me when I say that after reading this review, you will be impressed.

That’s the way ATI’s anisotropy works. The ANISO 8x Quality mode provided the real maximum quality with both trilinear filtering and anisotropy working to their full capacity.

Dell returns to the stock market after six years. The memory modules are bigger, and they are 8 instead of Their response is the upcoming NV I won’t go into all the dynamics of it, because you can read the chart yourself, and because we’ll be testing things here in a moment.


PassMark – RADEON XT – Price performance comparison

No Interruptions Day Shortbread. Texture units per pixel pipeline. This is also actually an overclocked version of the NV Previous cards had a small heatsink with a fan in the center, and this one is equipped with a massive copper heatsink with the fan shifted off from the core center.

In our benchmark run you’ll see why I said that.

Running 9800zt tilt, the XT’s cooler isn’t horribly loud, but it’s definitely audible. Man, what a hectic 12 months in the graphics industry these have been. The design is slightly altered, though it’s basically the same. Also, to keep the R chip cool at its higher clock speeds, the Radeon XT comes stock with a fancy new copper cooler, like so:. It’s an interesting approach but set a little too safe in my opinion. Other changes from the Radeon Pro to the XT are similarly simple.


Somehow, these two trends coexist, this creeping exclusivity and the constant march of semiconductor progress.

Actually, they are nothing but overclocked versions of the previous chips and cards. A jut on the plate is pressed against the PCB part where the core is located.

The Radeon XT is all about high resolutions and a healthy dose of both edge and texture antialiasing in current games, plus fluid frame rates in next-generation games. The chip is still fabbed by TMSC using 0. The newer drivers will be used only 980xt the TR:

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