The capacitors CS 1 and CS 2 , connected in parallel to the switches S 1 and S 2 show their intrinsic switch capacitances. The embodiment shown in FIG. The current of the individual MOSFETS, and hence the chain, can be controlled by means of adding a current measuring resistance into the source path of the transistors and transmitting the voltage arising there via a capacitor to a gate connector of the transistors. In such case, the selected pulses are transmitted through optical amplifiers, passing these and gaining energy in passing as often as necessary to attain the desired energy. The inner construction of these switches is state-of-the-art, an example is described in patent DE C2. This invention provides a driver for Pockels cells which avoids ill-defined or badly defined voltages across the Pockels cell. Pulseburst laser systems for fast thomson scattering.

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This effect can be avoided, by integrating ion selector and collision cell into one unit. Driver circuit for driving of electro-optical elements, particularly pockel cells, has compensation circuit that is attached at H-bridge in order to stabilize dropping voltage at element, where compensation circuit has auxiliary condenser.

Bergmann pockels cell driver

Laser light source, method of laser oscillation, and method of laser processing. In order to effect fragmentation of ions through collisions with gas-phase molecules, it is necessary to have a high gas pressure in the collision region. This invention relates to a driver or electrical high voltage control for a Pockels cell and application of a Pockels cell controlled with said driver in a hergmann system and applications of said laser systems. Such cll pulse selection can be done between a laser pulse source and an optical amplifier.

Optical waveform measurement by optical sampling with a mode-locked laser diode. A method for generating bursts of laser pulses comprising generating first repetition rate laser pulses, and generating first repetition rate laser bursts from the repetition laser pulses, the laser bursts each containing a sequence of second repetition rate laser pulses, wherein the second repetition rate is higher than the first repetition rate.


There is a polarisation dependent element 3 between the Pockels cell 2 and the optical amplifier 4which is oriented such that it will transmit light polarized in one direction while reflecting light of the other polarisation.

Mass spectrometric analysis of surfaces. A Pockels cell driver according to FIG.

It passes a mechanical shutter, a pockels cell, and the ir pockles detection of beam intensity, all of which enable control of the laser power and its administration duration. Often there is the need for ultrashort laserpulses with significantly higher energy e. The timing diagram for this variant shows the switching of these two switches simultaneously. Orientation and polarity in collectively migrating cell structures.

BME – Bergmann Messgeraete Entwicklung: Pockels Cell Drivers

Driver for pockels cells and using this pockels cell within laser systems. The inner construction of these switches is state-of-the-art, an example is described in patent DE C2.

In order to switch the pulses in and out of the resonator, it is essential that the voltage applied to this Pockels cell is switched on and off in less than the turn-around time of the resonator of the regenerative amplifier. Taking the state-of-the-art H-configuration as a starting point where a charging resistor is placed into the first wire connecting the first node to the first electric potential and another charging resistor is placed into the third wire connecting the second node with the first electric potential, the further switch can be wired in parallel to one of these resistors and arranged in a fifth wire between one of the nodes and the first electric potential.

However, the time between closing and reopening a high voltage switch can not be arbitrarily small, resulting in a minimum time that voltage must be applied to the Pockels cell. The timing diagrams always show the opening of a switch exactly synchronous to the closing of its counterpart switch, e.


A second, longer electrical pulse on the Pockels cell can generate a train of laser pulses which then pass the plasma cloud.

Fastpulse technology kdp, pockels cell, pockels cell. Thus, in order to couple a laser pulse into the amplifier, it is mandatory to switch on the voltage to be applied to the Pockels cell in only a few nanoseconds.

Methods and apparatus for generating microwave pulses and for the measurement and control thereof. Closing oockels switch S 1 applies the complete voltage from the high voltage power supply to the Pockels cell. The characterizing features of the invention ce,l given in the independent claims. As long as no voltage is applied to the Pockels cell, the laser pulses will bounce back and forth between the end mirrors of the resonator, being extract via state-of-the-art methods by using a polarizing element and applying voltage to the Pockels cell.

Pockels cell [] 2shown in FIG. pockells

Bergmann Messgerate Entwicklung KG. High voltage is applied to pockels cell to inhibit oscillation. Active qswitching using pockels cells has been achieved in regenerative amplifier configurations 11, 14, but an attractive alternative is to produce qswitched pulses passively. The applications just named can also be used cumulatively within laser systems, i. As a further variant, a Pockels cell controlled by a circuit accordiong to the invention can be arranged within the resonator of an optical amplifier [] 4.

The further one or two switches can be arranged in a number of different ways.

The first node is connected via a first wire containing a resistor with a first electric potential and via a second wire containing a switch with a second electric pocksls. They can be used outside of the laser resonator to select laser pulses.

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