It is important to understand that the values are relative power values, not absolute. Now I am using ndiswrapper with win 98 driver and the auto-negotiation works. However lowering the bit rate manually as the laptop being moved away from the router can definitely solve the problem. Have updated bug with apport details from affected laptop. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: I’ve upgraded to Jaunty since writing the comment above https: Hi, I have been trying to get my internet to work using your method and was wondering if I can get some help.

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Find out how you can manually upgrade to these newer kernels, which don’t yet appear in Ubuntu’s official repos?!

Also please include the output of history grep blacklist. Nominated for Intrepid by khunter.


Thomas Aaron rtl8178 wrote on Before removing the modules with “modprobe -r” command download the files needed, as during the installation should not be connected to the Internet or have any other card active.


I am quite sure my connection hangs because the driver either the native or the ndiswrapper win 98 one doesn’t know how to do the auto-negotiation with the router. I find out another interesting bug.

Not only does this increase fun, but it also encourages more users to delve into the code — to really get to know their machines. To remove them from the console: In my search- for-an- answer I found all sorts of magic incantations: If your card is connected then wlan0 should now be listed in iwconfig. Hopefully it’ll be in Ubuntu’s official repos soon! It still looks and behaves the same.

These should be either blacklisted or moved to backup directory, not destructively rtl187, especially ieee See blacklisting mac driver version below. Would anyone please help me?

User Tools Log In. So far doesn’t have sudden disconnection problem. This file contains the names of kernel modules that should be loaded at boot time, one per line.

For example, in Windows XP the transfer rate would drop as the signal is decreasing accordingly. You receive messages similar to this to the console and system log files: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Running Windows on the same laptop bllacklist a stable connection multiple walls and greater distances away.


[ubuntu] blacklisting rtl

I’ve now upgraded to 9. But ndiswrapper sometimes hangs my computer at bootup.

The new module is called r i. The router is set to G-only, so I know the driver can’t possibly be working on a or b wireless. Be sure to use VMware Player 2 or above.

Hello I confirm that this bug is fixed in Karmic 2. Using VMware Workstation 5. ERROR while getting interface flags: After trying out legions of methods, I finally came upon a wonderful simple solution. I didn’t install ndiswrapper correctly. GlobalSyzygygutsynetgear wgv2rtlrtl driver fixUbuntu. That was my thought as well, that the error message is saying “I don’t handle this chip”.

Heh, looks like I replied to your old thread last year with the Aircrack suggestion. To support this site.

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