Just trying to survive while Intel remains in the lead. Windows 8 includes various other improvements, which are not Bulldozer-specific. Please check out our forum guidelines for info related to our community. But that means the system is faulty somehow. He is a technologist and analyst specializing in semiconductors, system and network architecture.

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Why does an upcoming CPU with more instruction sets than bulldozer suggest that bulldozer will not do well?

You ain’t the only one! In reality, we are just as confused how 2 billion transistors loses to 1.

I reinstalled the operating system from scratch and bought myself a Phenom X6 Black edition, and I still get occasional system crashes — although less than before. I loaded this into my system a couple of hours ago.

The Bulldozer Review: AMD FX-8150 Tested

It is also an error that I have never seen myself, during all the years of overclocking, dealing with unstable memoryvoltage and whatnot…. Another clock distribution approach is called the Mesh where a metal layer ties all the distributed clock signals together to form a low resistance Mesh after the initial clock driver cells:. Remember the TLB bug? I installed the last drivers and BIOS stuff like you said but when i started a game Darksiders 2 my pc crashed… again….


Unbeatbly tired and yawning at the talks of how great kepler is. This is the same for both pcs which are of identical spec. So to me at least, the cpu performance in a game definitely matters.

And then Piledriver will come in, replacing the FX as the flagship and be so far up intels smoke pipe, that they sit there and think WTF just happend here.

My sample actually arrived less than 12 hours ago, so expect a follow up with performance analysis later this week. Yes, AMD will have to work on some patches for these issues with the BD chips, but with a new architecture that is not bukldozer.

Bulldozer doesn’t have just a single problem – SemiAccurate

And not to mention world economical crisis, which also has its side effects”. May 1, at 6: Experimental grid-based clock distribution network with H-tree grid driving. Where are things going for our intrepid hero? January 11, at 8: Reduced overall power consumption can be utilized to boost clock frequency within a given TDP limit. The system used to crash within 2 hours. But really, if software wasn’t ready for a propper Bulldozer computing scenarios, they could piledriger have made an advanced 8-core thuban, that was based on Llano cores just with the additional L3 cache and already enlarged 1MB L1 cache per core.


Inceptor Oct 4, January 11, I suppose we will just have to wait. Main types of tree-based clock distribution networks [58]. AMD’s upcoming “Trinity” family of desktop and mobile accelerated processing units APUs will use up to four x cores based on the company’s newest CPU architecture, codenamed “Piledriver”. February 18, at I bought a Core iK and z68 mobo 2 weeks ago, and I’m not regretting my purchase one bit. Bhlldozer is really what people waif do piledrlver like encoding, rendering, and gaming mostly care about.

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There are tons of other motherboards out there with the same issues. May 8, You never knew exactly when and where.

The does not support A number of papers appeared and later also numerous small test chips were developed to demonstrate the potential of RCM [61].

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