PanaVise PortaGrip car mount keeps a fierce grip on phones With its thick plastic arms and strongly engineered hinges, the PortaGrip car mount won’t be easily dislodged from a windshield or broken in the automotive environment. Misc by Wayne Cunningham Apr 7, Movies and in-camera panorama stitching! The lens itself is a very fast f2. We vacillate somewhat though, as to how frequently the typical user will take advantage of this capability. The QV breaks new ground in two areas, with a “movie” mode and in-camera panorama stitching and display.

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In their earlier QV, Casio found a truly useful space to inhabit, between the static world of still images and the flowing world of multimedia. Misc Sep 13, The problem seems to involve the balance between room light, light from the flash, and casko assumptions the camera’s white-balance circuitry is making about the light source.

No slight intended to the QV here though: Although we found the TFT display in the QV slightly less prone to this problem than earlier models. This lets you capture pictures that you otherwise couldn’t, casi at the cost of increased “noise” in the image.

The end result here is a sequence of four images taken about 0. Assuming you don’t have direct sunlight falling on the LCD panel, you can casoi a pretty good idea of what the exposure will look like on the final image.

Casio QV – digital camera Overview – CNET

As noted earlier, under fairly bright incandescent lighting, using the flash resulted in fairly yellowish images. Bottom line, the flash was quite usable under all conditions, it just required a little manual fiddling under moderate incandescent lighting. In a crowd, you can hold the camera over your head and still see what you’re shooting.


The QV was the first Casio digital camera to include an on-board flash, where we found it a welcome addition that we’re pleased to see continued in the QV The QV is a basically a scaled-back version of the earlier QV, but with some cadio new features of its own: Color accuracy on the QV was quite good, with good saturation relative to other units we’ve tested. We’ve heard from earlier QV-camera users that the lower operating voltage of most rechargeable batteries can cause the qf to fatally “hang” as the batteries approach the end of their usable charge.

In practice though, we found the steps between vq levels weren’t uniform, sometimes making it difficult to achieve exactly the exposure we were trying for.

In the “normal” setting, everything from 2. The ability to achieve such good alignment between shots makes the final stitching process much easier, and reduces the likelihood you’ll have visible seams in your final panorama.

We found that we could take picture after picture very rapidly, with as little as 1 second between successive frames! In the QV, Casio has taken this concept farther, now allowing you to capture entire “movies” of as many as 32 frames, taken at 0.

Casio QV-770

In Play mode, you also have the option of zooming in on the image, using the LCD screen as a “window” into the full picture. Two of these frames are held in memory at any time, and are saved as soon as you press the shutter.


A word of caution though: This translates into an image-transfer time of roughly 7 seconds, with another 3 seconds per image required for processing and screen display on our MHz Pentium.

Consumer electronics giant Casio has long been an innovator in the world of digital cameras: Your ham-handed reviewer actually found the larger ‘ a bit easier to hold.

Camera-Camera Connections Shoot them, collect them, trade them with your friends! On the QV, panoramas may only be taken with the camera in a horizontal “landscape” orientation, so the menu button has no function.

Digital Cameras – Casio QV Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

Of the timed-exposure modes though two deserve special mention: Indicators in qf upper left-hand corner show the flash mode no icon means auto-flashand whether or not the lens is set to macro mode. The panorama shooting mode helps you line up successive shots, making the final stitching process easier, and the seams between images less evident.

While the QV lacks the time-lapse capability of the QV, it adds two new and interesting modes: Viewfinder Casio originated the concept of an LCD panel as the camera viewfinder, and continues that tradition in the QV The lens rotates through a range of degrees, to capture shots below, in front of, above, or even directly behind the camera.

The lens itself is a very fast f2.

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