Aquarium automation — Rob Conway 4. Support for the device is mostly in the Linux kernel but may require some patches and recompiling of the Linux kernel , in the ch module. The driver might be reused to add support to CP? Testing without hardware 5. However, kits ordered on or after May 19, may include a device with a new USB “product ID code”, which means that the Linux driver doesn’t recognize it anymore.

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Divide and conqueror 1. Startup USB scan 5. Wed, 22 Feb Home monitoring how-to — Silvano Gai 4.

CH USB SPI I2C UART ISP dongle – .[ZooBaB].

However, we’re hopeful that there will be soon. External sensor support 8: Like all device drivers, this driver must be installed as the administrator user. I tried with the kernel driver, I don’t have this problem. This entire page refers to a older type of USB-Serial cable adptor we no longer use as of September I recently found another linux kernel driver “i2c-chusb” available at https: Aquarium automation — Rob Conway 4. W1 kernel driver 3. Tester adapter Next page: I have to see if the onboard voltage regulator can be replaced withh a 3.


Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page. It has a mini-usb connector, which is considered by many to be stronger then a micro-usb, but the cable is also becoming more rare.

CH340 CH341 serial adapters fix for El Capitan OS X

This page summarizes driver compatibility for various operating systems. Building under Ubuntu 5. Find out what you can do. Postgres and Python by Jerry Scharf 5.

The pins are on 5V though, while my target is on 3. See also an interesting page here http: Given the availability of a GPL-ed Linux driverit seems likely that this is possible.

ch41 OWMON bus list 2. To ease the transition, we had set aside some USB-serial adapters with the original codes, so that they will work with unpatched kernels 2. Other STM32 boards are already supported, the patches to the firmware should be minor. There is currently no OSX driver for the ch device.


The company’s web descriptions are not only badly phrased, they are misleading. Hardware and designs 4. Testing without hardware 5. Read and Write object 7. Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. For instance the adapter shown above was recognised as adator ch usb-serial adapter, located on ttyUSB4 in this case.

Message for Hackaday readers: Did you know that a thermometer can be made “faster” by using a bit of math? It would be interesting to make a board out of those 2 chips if the aadptor are successfull… The idea is to hotglue with ducktape and zip ties, the best invention ever!

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