This site hosts no abandonware. It is in no way a deal breaker as this card is renowned for its compatibility good quality. The mixer settings has a Low pass filter that is on by default. Cloudschatze, yes I probably did overlook a lot. Creator of The Many Sounds of: Slow the machine down as much as possible and try running these games again.

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Creator of The Many Sounds of: This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Also behaving to certain commands, it can become distorted in higher frequencies.

This is quite unfortunate because we have a lot of people who are throwing out or desregarding genuine OPL3 sound cards. But as you can see, the bass while offhas good balance, and the highs aren’t TOO distorted.

Vintage ASUS I-a16c Cttdq2 Vibra 16c ISA Sound Card With Midi/game Ports | eBay

I’m guessing MaxWar has the non-philips amp varation of the card, as those recordings were not pleasant in the least, probably gross caps like “wincaps” tds2 “jackcon” as well. This comparison is quite interesting however, there are a few errors: It is a landmark card often used to compare other cards. Raymangold22 tells me his sounded different FM sound card comparison on a Grand Scale!!

Let’s hear his recording and judge from that. Noise level is low, no audible distortion and it packs alot of power in the bass section.


Stock/Availability for: CT2505-TDQ2

Discussion about old sound cards, MIDI devices and sound related accessories. When connected to my main sound system this card could generate some quality wall rumbling, I remember thinking how this was a badass card.

And sry for the long time since laste update, too many geeky projects at the same time. The issues you describe are the same that appear if you run the game on a fast PC. Now if you listen to this without headphones on average speakers and to tracks you’re not familiar with in YMFit can sound fairly believable at first. ct25005

It is in no way a deal breaker as this card is renowned tvq2 its compatibility good quality. This site hosts no abandonware. Cloudschatze, yes I probably did overlook a lot. I found the output quality to be quite good. The mixer settings has a Low pass filter that is on by default.

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Vintage ASUS I-a16c Ct2505-tdq2 Vibra 16c ISA Sound Card With Midi/game Ports

For the record, if I’m not mistaken, CQM wasn’t around in yet. You are running these games and recording from them on an Intel Celeron MHz system.

However when compared to some of my favourite sounding sound cards, I actually find it a bit too boomy. There were different versions of this manufactured by crystal, some earlier versions having broken FM, but the good ones are quite nice. In any case we can put this question to rest once and for all. You should consider that music playback routines are always timed routines and depending on implementation it can be critical that the timing routines mess up on fast CPUs.


The higher frequencies are cut low and it lacks a bit in brightness for my taste.

But going to level performance is much more reliable with the timing of old music playback routines. It is supposed to only be applied to Digital audio and not FM, however i did not try it myself and the recordings were done with the default settings. Maximum Overkill have nothing to do with the compatibility of the cards themselves. As well as recordings of these awesome variants You can always EQ it to taste. I really think i should be trying to turn this project into a kind of Open to all Wiki The sound blaster Pro 2 is a well loved sound card, and for good reasons.

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