If the hardware is being detected correctly, then I’m suspecting that ath9k might not be the correct driver after all. New USB device strings: WiFi last modified Wifi has always been a problem for free software users. Let me know if you’re stuck. Thanks for your answer. Linux home networking wiki page about wireless networking.

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Debian User Forums • View topic – [SOLVED] Atheros (ath9k) driver problem at installation

WiFi last modified A good indication of support is Tux being displayed on the product’s packaging. I have followed every step, but I am extremely lost on why it is not working.

For an indication of support with a specific device, see the Wireless Adapter Chipset Directory. Free software based systems such as Debian depend on the cooperation between manufacturers and developers to produce and maintain quality drivers and firmware. I have an Atheros based wireless NIC and it works great.

Graphical Network Connection Tools: They need to be confirmed and need specific guides. You also can use NdisWrapper. I undone what i have done and now after a reboot its working. Select all dmesg in a terminal. If you’re stuck on doing the complete freeware route, check my previous post on doing just that: Furthermore, they might only work with proprietary firmware FOSS -column.


Board index All times are UTC. New USB device strings: Next time you purchase a piece of hardware ask arh9k if it is free software compatible.

Simple guide The following devices have been tested and are confirmed to work with FOSS software only with the latest Debian: In less than two minutes I did the following: In practice this means manufacturers are required to cooperate by releasing specifications and free drivers that can be worked on by the community.

Better, perhaps, is using a web search engine to find reports from others using it with Debian stable attesting to its performance and usability.

Atheros 802.11n PCI/PCI-E devices (ath9k)

Use your network-interface to connect to the WLAN. Each list has two main elements: Prism3 SSF devices require non-free firmware from userspace.

These parameters are controlled using the iwconfig program. If the hardware is being detected correctly, then I’m suspecting that ath9k might not be the correct driver after all.


ERROR no room on ep ring [ If the hardware is not being correctly detected, it might be too new. Glad it’s working out. Let me know if you’re stuck. Atj9k the latest driver from?

There seems to be a problem with this dongle’s range. Debian User Forums Skip to content. We recommend you read the associated help page, as some devices may require to be supplied with microcode aka “firmware” before they can be used.

Thanks for your answer. For instance features are often left out, bugs go unfixed, and what support does exist from the manufacture may be fleeting. You debixn can use NdisWrapper http: In iwconfig and in ifconfig commands system cannot recognize the network device.

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