Low impedance output ready for headphones, two levels switchable. Supports all DIGI96 series cards. As soon as a valid input signal is present the LED will turn off. Only x86, not PowerPC compatible! Multiface II Out of production! Lending or copying any part or the complete document or its contents is only possible with the written permission from RME.

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Enhanced Full Duplex Usual digital audio cards offer Full Duplex operation simultaneous record and playback. If you succeeded to see the list but can’t find any RME related entry, then the card is either totally defective or not perfectly seated in its slot.

BOB Out of production!

Windows now again installs the DIGI’s. The gold contacts of the card can be cleaned very easily with a usual India rubber eraser. For example a Hammerfall was listed with 37C4 or 3FC7. Dsp system simply the professional multitrack recording system 80 pages. So when working with any Digi96 you can always be sure that all bits are fully digi3.


DIGICheckdigo32 ultimate measurement, analysis and test tool! This ‘bug’ has been known to manufacturer’s for a long time. Each tape machine directly passes the input signal to the output when starting a record.

RME: Driver Archive

All options diti32 available in real-time, without having to reboot or even to click OK! Only x86, not PowerPC compatible! AutoSelect When using only one input AutoSelect will find the used input automatically. Fireface Out of production!

RME Tech Info – Installation of RME products

So starting a recording on-the-fly is possible as well as anytime during playback, thanks to Full Cigi32 without first having to synchronize the card to the input signal. Flash Update Tool for Version 2. SyncAlign can also compensate the time differences in record while play mode for a simultaneous start of record and playback.

Advanced Remote Out of production! Basic Remote Out of production! This can be verified under the register card ‘Resources’.

RME Audio DIGI32 User Manual: Recording Digital (windows Mme); Record While Play

Please note, RME will not deliver phone or email support for 3rd party drivers. RME is a registered trademark. All entries in this Tech Infopaper digi2 been thoroughly checked, however no guarantee for correctness can be given. DIGI96 comes with an incredible free utility: This test is used in production test procedure, but as it lasts only a few hundredths of a second we decided to integrate it into the Windows driver.


Re-boot and re-install the drivers of the DIGI’s.

There will be no ASIO 2. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. The latest drivers can be found on our Download page. Additionally the monitor changes its screen resolution in just that moment, what often results in at least 2 seconds total darkness Flash Update Tool for Fireface TMS is currently supported by Samplitude since version 5.

Windows and XP. It won’t install anything and claims ‘The best driver is already installed’.

Point to the directory where this driver update package resides to finish the installation.

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