Nintendo DS Multi Game. The first time you connect the 2 devices cart and linker combined , Windows or whatever OS you’re using should install it automatically as a removable drive which will then appear as a new drive letter in explorer. Unless Ninty decides to block the current slot-1 flashcarts in new DS Lite models. However, it has not been taken in very well with early reviews that put it down. You can open it from wherever you like, ‘My Computer’ for example. The second and most crucial and annoying bug is that the touch screen controls are totally uncalibrated and messed up.

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And also, you can use buttons too. Here are some games tested:. Contrary to speculation, it’s not possible to rwal real game carts or retail game save files with it, nor can you connect other flash kits and write to them.

It requires a reboot. Do you already have an account?

G6DS Real – WikiTemp, the GBAtemp wiki

The reader works quite fast, but it scratches the G6DS Real a little bit when it is inserted and removed. On the top is a neon blue LED that lights up when data is being written to prevent you from removing the cart.

Let’s start copying some files across! Anyway, after peeling the corner of the label back, the screw was revealed.


G6DS Real Review

Can you use GBA Roms with this? G6DS Real continues to use the TouchPod style operation contact surface to take the product the main contact surface, new TouchPod does not have to the previous edition simple style, from the tool fence, the vegetable single scroll, the chart sign, the button, rolls the strip to the window and the tabletop background, all may from define Cheng Gezhong the design and the color, has custom-made in the contact surface reao on is more nimble.

Boot clean dump images without reak need for any patching. Let’s take a quick look at the official feature list of the G6DS Real The G6DS Real is obviously one of the most anticipated carts that are out on the market.

It touts features such as onboard flash memory and perfect download play compatibility. Extreme simple to use: As you can see in the photos, the PCB is quite busy and looks quite impressive.

Work as U disk with USB 2. Unfortunately, the G6DS Real does have its downsides.

Probably the G6 Team will improve this part on next loader updates. The mini CD contains the latest firmware and instructions. All of their products were high in price, and also some of the best carts ever, even today, they remain an excellent choice. Zaphod77 Dec 25, at 2: If you’re migrating from another flash cart to the G6DS Real and would like to carry across your previous gave game files, I recommend you use the following web-based application created by GBAtemp’s very own Shuny The black colour also matches a retail cart quite well.


How much is the battery life? You must log in or sign up to reply here. Is in sole possession of in sets at the game Chinese name comparison merit to prefer Chinese name which plays corresponds real-time to cut immediatelythe game Chinese name.

How can i use skins? Simply drop the codes onto the console. Both options work just fine.

The G6 DS Real Review

Keep in mind however that the built-in moonshell is based on the 1. Similar threads with car All the NDS Games at least the ones i test it are working perfectly without any lag or issues. Just like all other modern slot-1 flashcarts. Unlike the promotional photos, my USB linker came in a black casing.

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