You can do this by moving the cursor in the terminal with arrow keys. The tablet mouse cursor is shaking that I cannot move it. This is normal when using it. So, next time I’ll blog about my favorite painting application. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Join Date Apr Beans 4.

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Recent versions of Ubuntu

Bus Device If you want to resume it, just click on the icon. In Windows, there is a file and a toolbox that will open and it can easily write on tablet and see on computer.

We suggest a distance between the tablet and monitor as: The computer responds to the clicks, but the computer does not respond to any pen movements. This henius configuration caused the mouse pointer to move out of sync with the tablet’s absolute position. Please make sure that your favourite application supports pressure sensitivity.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. You can get them using calibrate or at worst by experimental way.


I read on an older thread http: The driver is not properly installed 2. Application Support for pressure sensitivity Guide Krita Full support since 1. Mouse Systems It seems to share the same magic HID feature report than the other tablets of this vendor.

TabletSetupWizardpen – Community Help Wiki

My problem is almost same as in http: You could use the pen and mouse as an alternative. I’ll mess around a little more to try to get the mapping right, but mouseepn far as moving is concerned, I’m in the total dark. However, after upgrading to Once the tablet gets disconnected from USB, or after long periods of inactivity, it loses pressure sensitivity. Could you try installing 3. In case people find the thread: Set the name to whatever type you have.

Installed on 44 days ago InstallationMedia: There is no response after I connected the tablet and installed the driver, why? After I installed the driver and app, the pen program creates interference.


The only thing I did was install proprietary drivers for graphics card fglrx-updates. The most recently supported version of Ubuntu is Precise. The tablet does not work in Adobe Illustrator and there are some pen options that are greyed out.

October 8th, 4. We cannot genijs the program or mapping option. Either try to find a deb or a source package there, or get the latest version using bzr. The problem is only solved by resetting the machine, why? It only creates false hits in the search engines.

If the driver does not help, contact customer service. If your tablet is listed there, you can just use ii608 output instead. Remove the battery if you do not use it.

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