I’m tired of backing up my computer and I don’t feel like mailing my laptop away. He didn’t get any notification that HP had Motherboard issues. I’ve had a mac for about two years now to replace it because it KEPT breaking. That has happen to my computer can you try opening wireless assist If youve already found out how to fix the problem message me at Email id removed for security. Hello, please send me all the drivers for wireless network for the notebook hp dv windows vista.

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I recommend you check your driver version for your Atheros wireless adapter.

HP Pavilion Dv6700 Intel Wireless WiFi Card 441088-001 4965agn Tested

Report Respond to manik. I’ll try your driver solution, but am definitely ticked off to know that HP is selling these machines KNOWING that they have this problem and don’t want to do the right thing to fix it. Thats doesnt work for me.


I dont know what to do, your my last hope.

HP Pavilion Dv Intel Wireless WiFi Card agn Tested | eBay

So I ran the complete recover to restore everything to the state when it was new. It still doesnt work. Still can’t recognize the wireless. Hp is going to fix it free.!!! Email id removed for security.

It’s out of warranty but I just my be lucky and talk them into a repair. Comptrouble – Aug 19, at Do I need a new motherboard?

Is it time for a new laptop? Hey man, I had the same problem with the same laptop.

Andrey Loria Feb 28, at I cannot connect to wireless no matter how I try. I need the drivers.

Report Respond to Andrey Loria. Some experience loss of video when the Nvidia chip overheats and “pops up” off the board enough to lose contact. Windows detected my broadcom wireless adapter and viola! Gloveii – Apr 14, at I have HP dv The wireless came back for one day and then it went out h as before.

I’ll be plain but a bit cruel twards HP. This is the latest version from HP: So wirekess you say that the USB adapter has solved all your problems? Wireless adapter works great but want to fix onboard wireless card.


Please send instructions on how to fix HPnr wireless problem. Report Respond to Roy Basnett. I just got off the phone with HP and they initialy said the same thing not covered. Getting the same message no resource to load the wireless driver. How do I mark wirelews post as Solved?

The problem is the MoBo and HP knew this which is why they have placed an extended limited warranty on it. I have a dv and just installed XP over vista but cant get my speakers wireoess work.

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