Friday, October 23, I’ll go get that reported right now. I thought it was the battery or interference so I switched to a corded mouse. Losing half your memory is quite annoying though and no serious other solutions are available at the moment. I wish I could pinpoint the exact errors but I can say that any blue screen errors I got before this last week were only when copying to or from an external HDD. For my particular card, this is the latest driver they have listed at nvidia and it is only for the gpu portion of the integrated card. I’ve got the last two sections coming up right now.

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Not trying to shout, but I don’t have the ability to mark my workaround post above as an answer. Aren’t most of the drivers you need already included with Win7? LightningSystems – Have you tried the workaround mentioned in this thread?

Monday, September 28, 7: Thanks for the info. I’d like to get more validation of this, so I’m still interested in additional reports of whether or not this works for everyone.

Have a good day, Grant. Wednesday, September 30, 6: Tried Teracopy to make the task, but it still gets stuck in the same way as windows 7. Thursday, October 22, 2: I first started noticing the problems when I dumped Vista and was transferring large folders copied to an external HDD back onto my laptop.


Not an IT pro? SSnake, Just to satisfy my curiosity, remove any other USB like your fan and wireless mouse or any other non-essential devices and try to transfer files again and see if you can get through a copy.

Windows 7 IT Pro. The odd thing is.

Since I have a notebook, I can’t upgrade the chipset drivers so easily, just tried the chipset drivers from the HP site the latest dates from ! Mark, Windows 7 has now been released, and this situation has still not been resolved.

USB Problem x64 Windows 7

Nothing is showing up in Reliability Monitor, or you vixta even launch it? I did try the fix posted before http: Wednesday, October 28, 2: Hi Phil, There’s not really anything significant that I can say. With the official release “to the world” less than a month away, I’d hope this would be fixed ht374 than later.

Just let me know which forum you want me to add it to. I ran 32 bit for so long, I almost forgot about the 4th Gig until I installed bit. Guess Windows 7 bit already has me spoiled.

HPT374 UDMA/ATA133 RAID Controller Drivers

Thank you Mark for finding out the original solution. My wireless key gets dropped and the connection can’t be restored without a reboot so I’m not even able to “check for a solution” if I could. Vist I would rather have the extra gig for my VM’s, I can live with this for a bit until things get fixed.


After reboot, all I got was mb of Ram, and an extremely slow system. I’ve pre-ordered a copy of Windows 7 so I’ll be running with a released version soon.

Wednesday, October 14, 4: I don’t know, just very odd.

Index of /BIOS_Driver/vista

I couldn’t cancel the file copy, I could exit any application such as FireFox or even click anything. I was hoping we’d hear something by today regarding the roll out. I can still gather the information you requested but it will have to wait until Tuesday when I get home. Again, attatch no other usb devices, and let me know if it made a difference? And indeed some people do not have this problem but more and more reports are coming in of people with this issue.

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