It follows that a Mbps wired network or Mbps Top 5 Use Cases Considering the top 5 potential use cases for AI and embedded systems based on current trends and advancements Obviously, a media server must have access to a storage medium. For a media server, there are a number of choices for storage technology and file-system software. The home server is targeted to the Mentor Graphics www.

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Yet this emerging market opportunity poses various challenges for device manufacturers and software vendors.

Intel Embraces Android in Mobile Push It follows that a Mbps wired network or Mbps A published author and contributor to several standards initiatives, Schmitt graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a BA degree. A Blue Peach www.

[dm-devel] LVM on Intel IQ31244 board

It inttel to be able to read and write content to that storage medium. Here, data is mirrored on a separate disk. It enables the easy integration of SATA controllers.

Each controller supports up to four SATA drives, which results in a total connectivity of eight drives for the and 16 drives for the IOP Generally, however, the optimum tradeoff between reliability and data storage results in four data disks and one parity disk per stripe. But in the digital home, the sheer volume of valuable content is significant.


Kntel solutions are destined to become successful and pervasive in the next era of consumer applications. Security in the Connected Car The simplest and most common of these strategies is RAID 1. Subscribe to our Monthly Reports.

As a result, traditional product categories are merging to create unique, multifunctional, and convergent devices. NTFS is a licensed format of Microsoft.

Intel Computer Drive PCI-X User Guide |

This infrastructure is predominantly based on Ethernet and IP standards. They will enable enterprise-class storage for the home. A media server consists of a number of required and optional sub-components that deliver the various functions of the content-storage server.

Digital-Media-Server Technologies In the digital-home architecture, a digital media server stores and catalogs digital content. The reliability of the storage subsystem also is a design concern.

IntelĀ® PCI-X to Serial ATA Controller – Electronic Products

This enclosure supports 10 2. Intelligently Connected Cars Evolve Healthcare Trends Drive Design Requirements The result will be robust digital-entertainment environments. Although FAT32 may be the simplest ontel implement, it has the lowest reliability and performance. These products leverage the convergence of device technologies. If a drive fails or a block cannot be read on one disk, the data should still be available on the mirror. Some common file systems are shown in the Table.


Top 5 Use Cases. Other file systems are available as well and should be considered. In addition to storing digital-media content, users can store their tax returns, e-mail, spreadsheets, infel other documents.

The link between the media server and player is a Mbps wireless Convergence Enables Digital Home The consumer-electronics industry is leading the development of new and innovative products. Top 5 Use Cases Considering the top 5 potential use cases for AI and embedded systems based on current trends and advancements SATA is the ideal connectivity architecture for home-server storage due to its hot-pluggability and 32144, high-performance, and low-cost subsystem characteristics.

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