I just opened a terminal and umount ‘d everything then it worked. Install ubuntu as usual with grub 6. Please post the output from Code: I just tried openSuSE This thread is quite frightening for me, but I am determined to learn all this stuff from scratch.

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UMPC – Kohjinsha SC3-GB (GPS)

Just make sure you add the following to your xorg. I can get the actual error, if someone can help.

Use grub2 and instructions off of page 3 Wireless: Anyone help me – either with instructions or link for me to do this without completly destroying my laptop? Could oinux be installed on this machine, along with the downloadable drivers, and work? This is typed on a Kohjinsha SA1 my Dad gave me. I am still using your syslinux hack.

| UMPC – Kohjinsha SC3-GB (GPS) | UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC)

Buit-In Stereo Speakers 5. What do you think? I installed lilo and gave that a shot. Apparently there is not a 3D driver in Jaunty yet The syslinux chainloading grub is exactly what happens in ljnux livecd.


Ordered new hard drive, now need to replace and would like detailed instructions in English please!

Not sure if everyone knows that grub2 is the solution to the original booting problem – blank screen, blinking cursor. This is the down side. Juz a token of tot. For a laptop whose specs were fairly ghetto inlinux gives it a reason to not be recycled: Mint is close enough to kogjinsha that I would prefer that to Suse.


Your SC3 should now be able to boot! I currenty have it booting, at full resolution, and a perfectly calibrated touchscreen. Its been hinted to in a number of posts, though never detailed upon.

Then there are two problems: Also, with the new poulsbo-3d stuff from ubuntu-mobile ppa I have compiz working as well. I haven’t used SuSE in years Thanks to all fellow users. Depending on your version of syslinux when it executes it might show a boot: First lets understand the problem I have lots of time, btw.


Its going to make the device a real nice to your buy. Then you can use dd to backup the sectors including Lijux. Also, I am trying to get mplayer-vaapi working and have not had much luck. Video goes to x Do you try to use external monitor with linux?

Check its contents as well. If there is a recovery partition, how do i access it? Which for some reason is not supported in Intrepid. Since grub2 is not yet pinux the mint, information to fix problems with it can be hard to come by I will not be on support – too lazy and too ignorant you see.

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