Confused about that LSI card? The supports 64 physical devices, the goes to If you connect your disks without the expanders it all works without problems? Searching for devices at HBA Well it worked fine for me on Solaris Express 11, like I said. Other than that, the driver should work. If anybody knows a comparable Chassis or an adequate motherboard, i would appreciate recommendations.

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The error recovery code isn’t complete. In my area it doesn’t matter much in price. Actually, that’s why I started this thread, since I wanted to make sure it was worth the effort to keep tinkering with this card.

Super Micro Computer, Inc. – Support | OS Compatibility Chart

BIOS issues may cause boot failures, especially if you mix several controllers. But if you’re stuck with an LSI RAID controller, here’s some hopefully helpful information because you’re probably sitting there wondering “what now. But that’s not really what you want for FreeNAS.

Though Ksi have no experience with the L4i, i have no reason to think it works any less good than the L8i which i’m using.

This thread should shed some light on this. You can find a picture here: I tried everything you mentioned above booting into Linux freesbd nope, connect four disks without expanders – runs like a rabbit. Joined Oct 15, Messages Thanks The workaround to this issue is to create partitions which ensure that you never write to the last sector of the drive.


LSI e vs in JBOD | ServeTheHome and Forums

LSI makes a lot of hardware. Im up to order an adapter for that: Any use of “virtual drives” or one-drive RAID0 JBOD modes likely involves the controller writing its own proprietary configuration to the drive and then that means that if you ever need to switch lsu, you’re going to have extra special trouble because you need to copy the data off the old drive, not just move the old drive to a new SATA controller frsebsd.

Posted on 1 February ferebsd You’re more likely to get a refund from a scammer if they are in the USA than overseas from my experience. Sometimes the driver gets into a state where devices arrive and depart multiple times, without user intervention. Firmware is flashed to IT-mode firmware but i still don’t see the drives attached to the expanders. If you hit control-H to go into the WebBIOS yay for consistencyit’ll give you tools to configure your controller and the attached drives.

If you connect your disks without the expanders it all works without problems? Im looking forward to your next release Jason Developer posts. I’m able to confirm, that the combination: PatrickJan 2, The latest on IBM’s site is The LSI E is your safest choice right now.


These issues should be gone when the quality of the driver improves, so it would be a safe investment for the future. The eBay price on the i appears to have dropped substantially, I don’t really know what the reason for that might be.

Support of LSI 1068E and Intel SRL81348 RAID Ctrl

I should add that for such a huge server, with lso to 48 disks, your system appears out-of-balance. PatrickFeb 12, However, even once that happens, they will not show up as FreeBSD CAM devices, so if you’re used to being able to do “camcontrol devlist” or other camcontrol ops, they won’t be there for management in that manner. Frefbsd is also expected that most of these limitations or issues would be fixed since both LSI and BSD people are working on this new driver together.

Mar 16, Messages: What you can do is ask help from people with more experience with expanders, which can be found on the website ServeTheHome.

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