The firmware included are the ones that the “Apple Superdrive 2. We will email the most recent firmware download information to you immediately and future updates and weekly product newsletters as they are released. Interesting, how did you figure out it was capable of more? It will then check the firmware revision of the drive and judge whether your system requires a firmware update or not. Includes links to useful resources.

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But I found a firmware update the DVD drive on this site yesterday. Ram uj s ata device ujas Firmware many Matshita. To ensure that no other program interferes with the installation, save all work and close all other programs.

You cannot quote because this article is private. Have been reading all your matshjta and seems all having problems with matshita ddrives UJ So by using this will I melt my Powerbook?


Also download the latest driver and firmware for your cd drive from sony website. Please try again later. Ich wollte eigentlich nur mal mashita, ob meine Firmware aktuell ist. I was in luck, as the Matshita drives are usually most likely to be amenable to being Flashed.

Need Driver for MATSHITA UJDa755z DVD/CDRW.

I have an above mentioned DVD drive and other specs are as follows: But it does only burn 2x atm. CD and CD-writing is not affected. Any help will be appreciated. This is not a region problem as the device is now region free.

Drive Model and Firmware

If you’re as lucky as I am, then the rpc1. What Does This Do? Laut Nero Info Tool Laden Sie das Update. Anyone knows where is the official Matshita web page to get firmware updates???

Anyone have info how to make it region free? I already changed the disc. Matshita uj s region free firmware. I’m not sure that the firmware upgrades offer much but I found it extremely hard to locate them so I’ve mirrored what I’ve found so far: This Firmware update will fix the following: Matshita is an abbreviated name for Matsushita, the company that owned Panasonic.


Anyway, anybody knows if there are any mathsita compatible from another brands??

Failed to save quote. The Google search term used to locate the rpc1.

firmware for matshita – ovavoya’s diary

Lubricity is mizzling below the kandis. I have a VAIO.

Errors likely ujda575z follow. I already uninstalled it, but I don’t find any drivers or firmware. I don’t understand Japanese, what’s it say? Interesting, how did you figure out it was capable of more?

R1 discs fail in DVD player but play just fine.

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