It was a mistake, if I did any such thing. I hate putting the CD in the drive. When I am ready, I will contact you. The problem is finding a tower case to handle it. For storage issues I’d look at storagereview.

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That’s potentially more than devices. Do you have an old chassis? I use the workstation day after day. I would not get the full performance from the drives.

Nice system, if a slightly schizophrenic configuration. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. This is the best configuration that most of the network engineers I know agree on.

Do you have any information on this controller? I hate putting the CD in the drive. Many people I know are doing the same.

Brantford, ON, Canada Registered: The added space will allow more simultaneous testing to go on from multiple programs. The paging file is striped across several drives.


Maybe the new ATA drives are better made. CPU temps are 51CC. The benefit is reduction of downtime and availability to expand storage megaraif the fly.

The room has no carpeting. Many cannot afford Compaq. Crucial memory does work on this box with no problems. Everytime I add another drive, it is a new partition. I still do manage to do electical engineering instead of network engineering.

LSI Logic MegaRAID 320-1 SCSI RAID

I just need the more permanent storage space. Games, applications, documents, data from analysis, pictures from vacation that I have not gone through, reports on projects for work, etc. Could you kindly point mrgaraid whatever it was that gave you that impression? How many drives did you buy in total? Six cables does make it interesting. That’s more than enough for meyaraid to route through the case, even with the Chieftec Tower.

Mon Apr 07, 6: I usually have to limit the scope of data I can get at one time.


LSI Logic MegaRAID PCI Dual Channel Ultra SCSI RAID Controller | eBay

The back case fans are 40 cfm, 40 cfm power supply kegaraid, 50 cfm, 34 cfm. Thu Apr 03, 2: I went through 14 Maxtor ATA drives in 15 months. I have GB of combined backup without compression. Otherwise it would be gone. Zathrasater Ars Praefectus Tribus: Most interestingly to me, I really can’t figure out why you seem to need all those opticals on 2 seperate devices, why not have them all on the ?

The Rocket drive is an interesting idea.

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