Anything lower than these would disable the PAT mode. I did not change anything on the hardware. This is easily done without the risk of getting a bad BIOS update by downloading and flashing your system via the floppy drive, risking device or driver failure or accidental incorrect file installation, which could result in bad BIOS sectors meaning a no booting system. Of course, due to product marketing reasons, manufacturers have to use other names instead of PAT. Also what did you mean by the Promise drivers aren’t being correctly installed. There are three headers on the board and you’ll need to use the provided bracket to add these ports to the system. Ask a question and give support.

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The board did perform amicably well in our initial tests and we were surprised that its performance was way beyond the P’s counterpart. The mini-DV connector will be extremely useful for those with digital video cameras. Fancy an external Firewire hard drive, networking via Firewire or transferring videos from DV-Cameras?

The msj thing is to get promisse right ones and those are best gotten from the maker of the motherboard. The utility will guide you through installation as well.

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One more reboot and everything worked. Introduction Source from Hardwarezone. MSI has always made very feature oriented motherboards that although not the fastest boards on the block can always provide stand out features by offering more on-board options than many of their peer’s boards can boast.

Not everyone benefits from every ounce of performance since many a-time, such differences cannot be quantified nor felt unless benchmarked. Overclockers would probably want to get this board for its overclocking features while beginners getting this board will benefit with its innovative D. Thus, measuring the processor frequency with D.


In spite of everything no results: Now, they came back with yet another shocker known as D. Also looked on the MSI site, but what they’re saying does not work at all! We are not surprised at this limitation since this is getting to be the norm as memory speeds are being ramped up.

Due to the more economically priced chipset solution from VIA since they are less complexKT motherboards are generally more competitively priced than an identically featured board on the NVIDIA platform. Will let you know the results.

For those who have caught up with reviews of the PE, they would have found out that PAT could be easily enabled by some sort of a cheat method – normally done at the Lromise level. But I will give it a go Other advice I received: 2378 the right side all the typical read outs are present and one or two not so typical; there is a Northbridge temperature read out and Northbridge fan RPM, very nice additions indeed.

Overall out of the five ksi tested this board has the most robust features package. It was then that MSI revealed to us that their board had this special tweak which made the processor run faster, but because the clock frequency tweak was done at a different level, there was no way the operating system could detect the change in frequency. As the Promise controller is the problem,it’s either a BIOS setting,or a driver problem,if the live update changed the driver then you might be able to roll it back to the previous one.


Peterdiva, you are absolutely right about the type of the board, excuse me for that. Source from the www. Performance was great, stability was good while features were very well-rounded.

For more information about this article, please refer to Neoseek. As mentioned much earlier, it costs just as much as MSI’s top nForce2 Ultra offering, but it offers more features – which really justify its extra cost. In terms of performance, there’s nothing else we need to say but a big “Well Done!

There is an available SPDIF connector that allows an ultra clean digital output to be used with speakers supporting this option. Colored front panel headers make it extremely easy for system integrators.

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Has someone actually listened and made a design change? It was the MSI live update that screwed up my pc in the first place, excuse my language. After that drivers are being installed but this is strange. There are three headers on the board and you’ll need to use the provided bracket to add these ports to the system. Without going ,si all the nitty gritty details, we know for sure that PAT can be enabled in the PE, and when activated, the pfomise will promise users performance equal to most boards based on the more expensive P chipset.

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